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How to get Good (Good) at Content Creator Growth

6 areas of focus for those wanting to grow the audience for the content they create and love!


Most people consume media across a variety of platforms. Viewers are there to discover content. Be everywhere!

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter - give the audience what they want. More of your content!


Improve organic engagement on every platform. Follow trending themes to excite “the algorithm”.

Consider social clipping and a selection of different thumbnails for your content


Use data analytics to identify growth opportunities & convert content browsers into fans.

Don’t know where to begin? Here’s a handy list from our friends at Hubspot to get you started.


Impact your fan count with in platform SEO. Did you know that Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine or that 20% of shoppers start their journey with an instagram search?

Research competition, target relevant key terms, use these key terms in titles & descriptions to impact discoverability.


Partner up on marketing with every guest and collaborator.

Collaborative promotion should be standard for all your content. Content creation is not a zero sum game - giving your fans other opportunities to discover other content creators works vice versa.


Scale fast with paid advertising

Combine all these elements & learnings into cross-platform paid advertising campaigns to maximise scale. The world’s largest content creators e.g. Mr Beast uses Paid advertising, even Coca Cola are using this method to increase distribution of their content.


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