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Adtech proliferation & the “Facebook blueprint” paradox.

The proliferation of Adtech into every corner of the media supply chain added to serious levels of M+A activity in the space (It’s hard to win, big eats small) means that there is little competitive advantage for advertisers to find by simply utilising the next best piece of tech.

When the overwhelming majority of us have only been taught how to run campaigns by Facebook via their Blueprint courses the homogeny of approach hurts advertisers & agencies a-like.

Open(ish) access to the programmatic / self-service Adtech eco-system has been available for 10+ years now and the outcomes for advertisers have remained (as an index) the same.

With billions of $$$ being thrust into product development over this time; Why is it that the same campaign performance and the same operational challenges exist as did way back when I first started in this game we call Adtech?

At Roar we seek to challenge this status-quo and put marketing expertise, married to deep understanding of the in-platform technology available at the centre of our media buying…no more blind media commission fees & no more hidden tech charges, no more wasted talent typing “Male 18–35” into Facebook Ads Manager.

We, as an industry, can do better than this.

Jeremy, Managing Director


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