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3 "SMALL" ideas from Virgil Abloh

Recently I’ve been absorbing everything I can find on Virgil Abloh, architect, event designer, artistic director, brand strategist...

And the big takeaways are simplicity, specificity and surroundings.


Anything complex is hard to access at first, so take it back to its essence and make it immediately understandable.


Once something is stripped back to its essence it’s necessarily specific, which makes it easy for people to identify with if it’s for them.


The context is more important that the actual thing. A crushed can in an alley is trash, but a crushed can in a gallery is art. So, spend more time designing the environment around a product than the product itself.

That’s the bare bones of it, but that’s enough to blow your mind because Abloh shows us that the context you create is responsible for the vast majority of what your work means.

So go out and create whatever world you want.


Jan, Creative Director


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