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Bruce Lee Was A Designer?

Recently I’ve been absorbing everything I can find on Bruce Lee and the big takeaway is his idea of exploring a thing, retaining what is useful and discarding the rest.

Everything we do is stolen from somewhere because we’re not magicians - we don’t conjure things out of thin air. Nobody does. There are no original thoughts. Everything is a response to something else, or a re-versioning of something, or at the very least, build upon what has come before.

Take unicorns, for example - someone didn’t dream them up - they saw a horse and they saw a horn and the glued the two concepts together.

So don’t be afraid to steal, borrow, advance, improve, deconstruct and partially retain and partially discard. That’s what Bruce would do.

And yes - Bruce Lee was a designer. He created systems for spontaneous physical responses in high pressure situations... also known as fighting. Which is design.

Interesting side-note: Kill Bill is a just a big F you to Hollywood for how they treated Bruce. Look it up.

Jan, Creative Director


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