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Roar® is a hands-on digital marketing agency based in London

It's all about engaging prospective students on their terms, in their language, on the platforms they use

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8 areas to maximise UoG success through innovation in media planning & buying


Because of the standardised academic year, universities are exposed to price increases during competitive media buying periods, but our audience targeting & buying strategies have numerous individual elements, which helps UoG maintain a price advantage over competitors


By segmenting the core audience further, for example, by interests like 'team-sports participation' & matching these sub-audiences with appropriate creative, we'll deliver a more personalised experience to prospective students


By using multiple interest segments to define a prospective student, UoG will see a price reduction, as we bid for niche audience attributes


Using anti-targeting & multiple interest segments alongside standard options our prospective student audiences are more accurate


90% of ad spend will be purchased through bidding auctions, so we've devised a sophisticated methodology combining multiple strategies to reach an overall performance goal for each campaign & channel


Some creator & publisher activations are only available through relationship buying, but with our combined 50+ years of buying experience & specialised creator department, UoG can gain access to the best possible commercial terms


Our use of innovative new platforms in channels like Connected TV & Digital Out Of Home means UoG's entire media budget can be fully optimised by channel & platform for ultimate flexibility 


Using each platform's API to pull campaign & UoG data into a bespoke interface ensures we're always aware of outcome performance & able to uncover actionable information that helps drive optimal results

Let's look at the Apply campaign to see all of these ideas in action

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For UoG we envision a bold campaign with authenticity at its heart - the most effective way to engage with a smart, young audience

We help ambitious brands leap forward with innovative media buying, creative & talent integrations

Our team have completed over 100 projects for major brands

Some initial thoughts about the creative, branding & identity of the project


UoG's key brand pillars - community, experience & place - will always be behind content decisions, but we need to stand out in this highly competitive space, so creative will be extremely eye-catching & clear

The target audience responds most to content with more information, not less, so creative will seek to add value to the conversation & be memorable

Creative will draw its inspiration from real sources, looking to collaborate wherever possible, thereby promoting authenticity at all times


UoG's specified goal is to reposition itself as a bold, ambitious, exciting proposition for prospective students

Colour is the first thing people notice & the main thing they remember so we would look to select the boldest, most vibrant, most colourful, exciting & ambitious colours from the UoG palette & we'd look to use them in bold, ambitious & exciting ways - so there won't be any semi-transparent overlays being photoshoped in

You'll see the 3 brightest shades in the example below & throughout this presentation

The Chevron

We were unable to uncover the original meaning behind UoG's chevron symbol, but we would look to embue it with a new meaning, as an arrow pointing skywards, showing the direction of travel


We'd look to elevate the chevron to an iconic status, avoiding semi-transparent uses in favour of block colour

Finally, we'd look to take the idea of an iconic  upwards trajectory & have it permeate all aspects of creative, from animation to copy, as seen below in our kick-off concept


Copywriting that is clever, ironic, funny, deprecating & above all honest is ultra-appealing to the core audience, so we'd look to develop the personality of the brand through content along these lines


The example below shows our early thinking, with course-specific tags that self-reference when they suggest the career benefits

An essential extension

of our team

Elizabeth Eastham

MD @ Veritone

I know I can

always trust them

Kristyn Dunlap

SVP Marketing @ Mocha Global

An indispensable

partner for us

Aidan Whytock

Founder @ Sharpen

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