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Roar® is a hands-on digital marketing agency focussed on business outcomes

It's all about smart activations that elicit visits from "Playmakers" and "Rookies"

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8 areas to maximise NAX success through innovation in media planning & buying


Because of the standardised school year, NAX is exposed to price increases during competitive media buying periods. Our audience targeting & buying strategies have numerous individual elements, which helps NAX maintain a price advantage over competitors


By segmenting the core audience further, for example, by interests like 'team-sports participation' & matching these sub-audiences with appropriate creative, we'll deliver a more personalised experience to prospective customers


By using multiple interest segments to define a prospective customer, NAX will see a price reduction, as we bid for niche audience attributes


Using anti-targeting (defectors) & multiple interest segments alongside standard  targeting options our prospective customer audiences are more accurate


90% of ad spend will be purchased through bidding auctions, so we've devised a sophisticated methodology combining multiple strategies to reach an overall performance goal for each campaign & channel


Some channel activations are only available through relationship buying, but with our buying experience & specialised channel departments, NAX can gain access to the best possible commercial terms


Our use of innovative new platforms in channels like Digital Out Of Home means NAX entire media budget can be fully optimised by channel & platform for ultimate optimisation


Using each platform's API to pull campaign & NAX data into a bespoke Salesforce* interface ensures we're always aware of outcome performance & able to uncover actionable information that helps drive optimal results

Let's look at the Apply campaign to see all of these ideas in action

For NAX we envision a performance activation partnership ensuring booking success 

We help ambitious brands leap forward with innovative media activations, creative & technology integrations

Our team have completed over 100 projects for major brands

Some initial thoughts about the creative, branding & identity of the project


UoG's key brand pillars - community, experience & place - will always be behind content decisions, but we need to stand out in this highly competitive space, so creative will be extremely eye-catching & clear

The target audience responds most to content with more information, not less, so creative will seek to add value to the conversation & be memorable

Creative will draw its inspiration from real sources, looking to collaborate wherever possible, thereby promoting authenticity at all times


UoG's specified goal is to reposition itself as a bold, ambitious, exciting proposition for prospective students

Colour is the first thing people notice & the main thing they remember so we would look to select the boldest, most vibrant, most colourful, exciting & ambitious colours from the UoG palette & we'd look to use them in bold, ambitious & exciting ways - so there won't be any semi-transparent overlays being photoshoped in

You'll see the 3 brightest shades in the example below & throughout this presentation

The Chevron

We were unable to uncover the original meaning behind UoG's chevron symbol, but we would look to embue it with a new meaning, as an arrow pointing skywards, showing the direction of travel


We'd look to elevate the chevron to an iconic status, avoiding semi-transparent uses in favour of block colour

Finally, we'd look to take the idea of an iconic  upwards trajectory & have it permeate all aspects of creative, from animation to copy, as seen below in our kick-off concept


Copywriting that is clever, ironic, funny, deprecating & above all honest is ultra-appealing to the core audience, so we'd look to develop the personality of the brand through content along these lines


The example below shows our early thinking, with course-specific tags that self-reference when they suggest the career benefits

An essential extension

of our team

Elizabeth Eastham

MD @ Veritone

I know I can

always trust them

Kristyn Dunlap

SVP Marketing @ Mocha Global

An indispensable

partner for us

Aidan Whytock

Founder @ Sharpen

What Our Clients Say


Meta & TikTok

62% of media budget

Media Buying

Goal at achieving maximum reach and frequency within the prospective guest audience in the long term

Use buying methods like cost per completed video view, cost per landing page view & cost per click

Use these methods instead of cost per thousand people reached, for example, because better reach outcomes are derived by buying an action of real intent, like watching a video to completion


Narrow the prospective guest population by prominent geo regions & interests

Anti-target "defectors" who might otherwise appear in prospective guest target groups


Use the scale, targeting options & video placements of the platforms to engage & educate prospective guest as they consider their leisure choice


Use high quality, vertical videos & do not rely on sound

Begin with a clear value proposition

Look to use the most vibrant parts of the brand identity for a bold, attention-grabbing aesthetic


Bring in real voices, faces & points-of-view from guests to underpin information

The adjacent example shows the "vibe" we are seeking


Acast, Spotify, Soundcloud etc

7% of media budget

Media Buying

Activate using specialised audio exchanges & prominent self-serve platforms like Spotify

Buying models to include cost per thousand, cost per click & cost per engagement

Negotiate directly with hosts for maximum value


Apply age, content, geo & interest segment targeting to all adverts

For host reads, select shows & geo targets where the age & interests over-index


Use audio ads specifically designed for different platforms, devices & content


Introduce podcast host partnerships from shows that resonate with Playmakers and Rookies with a goal of generating genuine interest & intent


Create & test multiple audio ad scripts to optimise messaging, ensuring  >95% listen through rates

Host reads are great for more in-depth, heartfelt & natural information


The adjacent Roar® campaign example shows an interest targeted paid ad,  for Centre Parks 

2021.12.03 CENTER PARCS 30 SEC
00:00 / 00:30

Premium Publishers

TripAdvisor, TimeOut et al

8% of media budget

Media Buying

Activate using specialised exchange platforms with access to multiple inventory sources & a heavy skew to mobile devices

Use multiple buying methods including cost per click & cost per engagement


Targeting via age, prominent geo regions & interest segmentation

Anti-target content associated with Defectors


Use the scale, targeting options & multitude of high impact placements across a premium publisher network to execute a mobile-focussed initiative that engages & elicits bookings from Playmakers and Rookies


To maximise long-term reach & frequency goals, at a low-cost, only activate static placements

Look to be ultra eye-catching, with simple, bold visuals

Messages need to be short, have integrity, validate the product & have a tone that resonates with the audience

Consider using quotes from playmakers & influencers speaking to areas prospective customers care about

You can see some of our campaign activations in the examples here

Digital OOH

Global, JC Decaux, Clear Channel etc

9% of media budget

Media Buying

Buy through the Sage+Archer platform for unrivalled functionality, equivalent to a paid social or premium publisher campaign


Activate & optimise performance between multiple creatives based on unique QR code analytics


Buy on an opportunity to see basis, closely analogous to a digital impression


Combine point of interest, geo & time-of-day to deliver a tightly targeted activation


Targeting example

Bus-stops within 500m of a The Manchester College in Harpurhey delivered 8am-10am & 3pm-5pm Monday to Friday during "Are you Ready" campaign


Activate DOOH video to achieve mass reach, while retaining targeting, optimisation, performance reporting & motion creative options usually only applied to small-screen digital

Control how we engage with Playmakers and Rookies in real-time using mobile data


Creative to include QR code functionality, shortening the path to action & aiding reporting


Be as bold, clean & vibrant as possible


Send a positive, optimistic, inviting message with maximum clarity

The adjacent image shows a recent Roar® creative example


Google Ads

14% of media budget

Media Buying

Consider including cost per engagement, cost per click & cost per booking methods together


Leverage keyword clusters combined with geo to maintain audience fidelity

Incorporate NAX CRM data into targeting


Activate all Google Performance placements 

Achieve maximum booking scale within searches for brand and lifestyle terms while allowing granular campaign objectives, outcome optimisation, performance reporting & multiple creative options


Multiple, search aligned creatives and copy 

Reflect the best performing aspects all activity with stronger, simplified messages & pre-arranged spaces to edit for specific discounts or booking windows


TikTok, Instagram, YouTube

Media Buying

Source, negotiate with & manage creators to guarantee the most cost effective delivery, including cross-platform exposure & authentic sharing from other creators in our network


Boost the best performing posts for significant reach over the creator’s organic following & for more detailed optimisation, ensuring the most direct impact on DM & call outcomes


Analyse potential creators’ follower-data to ensure their following over-indexes for the prospective student audience


Support the creator throughout distribution so that the most appropriate post-times, hashtags & trends are utilised


Partner with a UK-based creator with a large following within the prospective student audience already known for university-themed content


Collaborate with the creator to deliver partnership-style messaging in an authentic & engaging way, for example, daily vlog sponsorship during the peak 2 weeks of clearing


Focus more on supporting the creation of the most relevant & engaging content & less on strict branding

Curate messaging to optimise towards courses with clearing spaces available

In this example we see Faze, a good illustration of the type of creator we would engage with


Faze creates tutoring videos for a variety of A-level subjects that all have high average engagement

BE THE FIRST! | Phase 1



Media Spend


Fee inc All Management and Creative Services


*Unlike other agencies we don’t make a profit on our client's ad-spend

100% of NAX planned advertising budgets will be spent directly on media, with no hidden fees

Campaign Overviews

Project Totals



Media Spend




ARE YOU READY? | Phase 2



Media Spend


Fee inc All Management and Creative Services





Media Spend


Fee inc All Management and Creative Services





Media Spend


Fee inc All Management and Creative Services


RELOADED | Phase 3



Media Spend


Fee inc All Management and Creative Services


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Every marketing channel has a huge role to play in overall Cost per Booking

Let's look at the concepts and activation methodologies for each channel


Detailed costings are available in the attached spreadsheet

To show our focus on client outcomes we seek to incorporate performance incentives into our commercial agreements

We propose a 10% performance multiplier upon verified completion of NAX performance outcomes

We'd love to begin a conversation about this

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