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Strategic Thinking

For Rapidly Evolving Businesses

For the launch

For the longterm

Part of the team

Let's do this

More than just

a makeover

this is

Brand Therapy™



We audit brands layer by layer, from the ground up


Strategy first, then positioning, then identity, then comms, assets & collateral

Each layer is built upon the previous, so by suggesting changes to the foundations we can envision an entirely new structure



We’re a hands-on agency, so we don’t just describe problems, we describe solutions

We can also execute those solutions if needed

Our audits can also be taken to another agency, or brought in-house to be acted upon, so no expense is wasted

It’s like hiring an architect to draw up a blueprint - you can always go to another architect or builder to actually build the building - the blueprint has inherent value



Deliverables vary widely between projects, depending on what's  required to solve the problem

But our deliverables are always highly functional

They can include workshops, brand books, templates, guidelines & ongoing support

Not just another consultancy

Go beyond an audit with Brand Therapy

Attention Is

The Only Currency

Like it or not, the world's attention span is about 1 second, if you're lucky

This is how long brands have to make a unique, valuable & motivating impression

So we design brands that are ultra-bold, ultra-clear & ultra-accessible

We're Gardeners

Not Carpenters

We believe brands are living organisms, not pieces of furniture

So we don't build fixed items that will never change

We create identity systems that have room to grow, blossom & bloom,  in ways unimaginable at the outset

So when your focus changes, or your team expands, or more partners become involved, our systems will grow with you

Your Story is Your Unique Power

The power of storytelling is not to be underestimated, even in the most commercial of settings

We're experts in helping uncover your story & we'll give you the tools to express it to maximum effect in any given context


Inward Discovery

Deep-dive conversations with key members of your team

Tells us what the goals are

Gets us up to speed on everything you've done so far, what's working & what's not


Outward Research

Examining audiences & competitors

Establishes context, behavioural drivers & market gaps

Tells us where a brand needs to fit in to be appropriate & where opportunities to be different & distinct exist


Synthesis & Evaluation

Synthesise all of the learnings into a report

Create recommendations 



Deep-dive conversations analysing the evaluation findings & recommendations

Detailed discussion of next steps

4 Week Process

Have a happy day


© 2022 Roar®

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